Low Colour Golden Promise 2,0-3,7 EBC 1kg Simpsons

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Lahti: Varastossa

Tuotekoodi: 3677661
Hinta: 3,20 320
Low Colour Golden Promise 2,0-3,7 EBC 1kg Simpsons

Vaalea Pale-mallas. Kaikki Finest Pale Ale Golden Promise -maltaan hienot ominaisuudet, mutta vaaleammassa paketissa.

Väri (EBC): 2,0-3,7
Ainesosat: Mallastettu OHRA.
Oluttyypit: Vaalea Session IPA, Cask Ale, SMASH Beer, Premium-luokan yleismallas.
Aromi: Kevyen maltainen.
Käyttömäärä: 100% asti.

Englanninkielinen tuotekuvaus:
Low Colour Golden Promise provides all the qualities of Finest Pale Ale Golden Promise, but has been tailored for brewers who require a lower colour.

During the malting process, Low Colour Golden Promise is kilned at a lower temperature to give the finished product its lower colour.

Like Finest Pale Ale Golden Promise, Low Colour Golden Promise gives beautiful mouthfeel to bring balance to beers with even the gutsiest hops and, when you drop the gravity for a session beer, you won’t lose out on body.

Golden Promise is a heritage barley variety that dates back to the 1960s, with that barley then malted to become Golden Promise malt. More than half a century on, it continues to thrive - particularly in the craft brewing sector - due to its exceptional brewhouse performance and flavour profile.

The Simpson family has always had a close connection with Golden Promise and, in 2015, we became the Plant Variety Rights holder for the variety. Today, our in-house agricultural merchanting division, McCreath Simpson & Prentice, is responsible for its maintenance and is dedicated to the variety’s sustainability and continued growth.
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