CRYO PHANTASM 100g mb pelletti

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YCH 303 Trial is a co-pelleted, concentrated Cryo Hops® and Phantasm® pellet. This pellet was designed to leverage the high degree of “Survivable” compounds present in both Cryo Hops® and Phantasm, and synergize the aroma benefits of these two powerful products in one dose. Via the research done by both Yakima Chief Hops and Phantasm®, our teams believe we’ve created a highly-potent pellet with the potential to deliver increased amounts of beer-soluble aromatic compounds. This experimental pellet is a testament to the creative, boundary-pushing nature at the heart of the craft beer industry.


  • Simcoe®- 23.3%
  • Citra®- 23.3%
  • Mosaic®- 23.3%
  • Phantasm Powder- 30%
To maximize the biotransformative potential of this product, it is recommended that the pellets be dosed in a late whirlpool or “cool pool” scenario. A dosing rate of 1.5-3 g/L is recommended. Alpha Acids are present in the product, and should be considered when designing recipes. Certain beers may benefit from the use of a “thiolized” yeast strain, or any highly biotransformative yeast.
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