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It is now possible to control your Ferminator online and see current temperatures and settings. Follow Ferminator Connect in real time from any modern mobile, tablet or computer. You can also control your Ferminator directly on the display. The power is in your hands Control your Ferminator online wherever you are and see all the information you need about your brew and settings in real time. All temperature information is all gathered in a nice, detailed graph, where you can follow the temperature and see the changes that have been made. Achieve a cleaner and better taste in your beer A uniform fermentation temperature ensures that unwanted flavor notes are avoided and that the yeast goes dormant. The correct temperature It is e.g., possible to ferment pilsners and lagers at the right and stable temperature or ale with lots of desired esters at a high fermentation temperature. Compensates for heat generation during fermentation Even if the room temperature is 20 degrees, the temperature in the fermentation tank rises to several degrees if you do not use a Ferminator. Ferminator also protects your brew from sunlight. Bluetooth and WiFi Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules are located at the top above the display. This ensures the best possible signal strength. The Wi-Fi signal is used to connect the Ferminator to our WebApp BrewCreator. The Ferminator can only be used on 2.4 GHz networks, as this Wi-Fi signal has the longest range. The Bluetooth signal is used to connect the Ferminator Connect with a Graviator
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