Wine Kits

Wine kits are a safe choice for winemaking. They contain everything needed for winemaking (except sugar and water of course), and they come with detailed instructions. The dried berry and fruit mixtures are composed according to carefully considered recipes.

The amount of sugar depends on the type of wine: For food wines usually 4 - 4.5 kg and for dessert wines 6 - 6.5 kg. The amount of sugar is usually mentioned on the packaging. We do, of course, recommend brewing sugar, as it avoids any off-flavors. The alcohol content is determined by the amount of sugar used; For some wines, such as many fruit wines, the appropriate alcohol content may vary depending on the intended use.

The most suitable sweetness of wine is always a personal experience, although a certain amount of sweetness is always recommended for most wines. Your own taste determines the need for any sweetening. 
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