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Do you want to become a reseller or do you want to expand your product range and thus better serve your customer base? Contact us and we will offer a flexible solution tailored especially for you.

We are Finland's largest and oldest importer and wholesaler of products, tools and supplies used in homemaking of wine, beer and cider. In addition to products from the leading brands of the industry, you will receive valuable advice and guidance through us.

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To breweries, distilleries and wineries, we offer a wide range of malt, hops, fermenters, as well as equipment and supplies. We also serve educational institutions and others that need equipment and services in their operations.

Many of the products in this category cannot be found in the catalog of our online store, but we do supply almost anything on request. If you have something special in mind, give us a holler and we will look it up for you.
Ask for quote on malts, hops, fermenters, equipment, utensils or any other products you might need. 

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or give us a call: +358 (0)44 972 2258 (Timo), +358 (0)50 522 2455 (Jukka)